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ObesiGo Balanced Low Calorie Diet for Weight Management


  • High protein content (24g per serving) and No added Sugar. It helps to boost metabolism, builds essential muscles and is effective for weight loss.
  • High Fiber content to keep you full for longer so that you can avoid eating junk food.
  • Faster weight loss with only 175 Kcal which keeps you full for 4-5 hours and provides all the nutrition that your body requires without any extra calories. Free of trans fats and preservatives.
  • Obesigo meal replacement shake contains 27 essential Vitamins & Minerals; Recommended by leading dietitians and nutritionists for weight loss and weight management.
  • Perfect for the busy professionals who end up missing meals because of their schedule. Just make a shake and sip your meal.


Important information



Once opened use the contents within 1 month. Add 2 scoops in milk or lukewarm water.


Product Description

OBESIGO is a scientifically formulated meal replacement. It works with the principle of replacing one of your days major meal either lunch or dinner whichever you are comfortable with.

This replacement of meal with OBESIGO allows you to cut down drastically on your daily calorie intake. This is because your per meal consist of around 600 Kcal on an Average, whereas OBESIGO– Meal replacement Shakes have only 175 Kcal with all the necessary and required micro and macro nutrients.

This Meal Replacement Shake is so good that you will not feel left out on any of your daily nutrition requirements- Its just PERFECTLY FORMULATED.


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