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V Wash Plus Feminine 100ml


  • With lactic acid to balance vaginal pH
  • With soothing tea tree oil and sea buckthorn oil
  • Cleans intimate area
  • Does not cause itchiness or irritation
  • Reduces bad odor


Like most general purpose hygiene items, most body care soaps do not take the specific requirements of women’s intimate parts into consideration. While the ideal vaginal pH value is 3.5-4.5, most soaps lean towards the alkaline side with pH values nearing 10. This upsets the pH value inside the vagina, causing irritation and further complications. Just using water also does not help either, as the pH value of water is 7.

V Wash Plus uses a lactic acid formulation that helps maintain the ideal and delicate pH value of your most intimate body part. This helps to prevent irritation, itching, pain, bad odor, white discharge, and infections in the vaginal area.

The formula is also infused with tea tree oil and sea buckthorn oil, which help to ease dryness and leaves you feeling fresh all day long.

Add V Wash Plus to your daily intimate hygiene for a thorough cleanse without disrupting the vagina and enjoy a clean, fresh feeling all day. Use during bathing and after urination. Wash your hands, wet external vaginal area, pour a generous amount of V Wash Plus Feminine on to palms, apply externally on the vaginal area, and rinse thoroughly


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