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Skinactive Pure Charcoal Hydrating Face Tissue Mask For Pore Tightening


  • Instantly brightens dull looking skin for a more natural and healthy glow
  • Removes dead and dull skin cells on surface layers for a more refined and polished appearance
  • Enhanced formula offers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits
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This new breakthrough technology from Asia offers a double purifying and hydrating efficacy that clears skin without drying it out.
This moisturizing tissue mask for visible pores is infused with Natural Charcoal , known for its excellent absorbing properties. enriched with Black Seaweed, LHA and Hyaluronic Acid, it visibly reduces pores and purifies the skin while leaving it hydrated.
Suitable for sensitive skin.

Results: After just 15 minutes, skin is purified (1) and hydrated (2). Pore are visibly reduced (1). After 1 week(4): fine lines appear reduced, skin looks fresher and has a healthy radiant glow.

How to Use :
1. Unfold the mask. Gently apply on a clean face
2. Adjust the mask to the contours of your face.
3. Leave it on for 15 minutes. It stays perfectly on your face and leaves you free to move around and do your favorite activity!
4. Remove the mask. Massage gently to allow excess formula to be absorbed, or use a cotton pad to remove it.
To complement your routine, start with a purifying cleanser: discover PureActive 3in1 Clay or PureActive 3in1 Charcoal.
* vs glycerin content in the Hydrabomb day care
(1) on 86 women after single use (2)Instrumental test – 24 women. Self-assessment
(3) After 3 applications per week.


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