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SebaMed Intimate Wash Age 15-50


Supports the vulva’s micro-flora balance Sensitive care complex with Aloe barbadensis and Bisabolol


For women aged 15-50

Reliable feminine hygiene for women aged 15-50 years.
*Supports the vulva’s micro-flora balance.
*Sensitive care complex with Aloe barbardensis and Bisabolol moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin.
*Lactic Acid supports the natural protection against infections.
Recommended feminine care during the menstrual cycle.
*For daily intimate care.

Why this product?

Two stages in a woman’s life – two solutions

When young women begin to menstruate, the level of estrogen in the body starts to rise and the pH level of the genitals starts to decrease to a more acidic pH value of 3.8. The pH value provides a balance for the micro-flora to protect the vagina, especially during pregnancy. This protection lasts throughout the fertile years. During and after menopause, the pH level increases to 6..8 due to reduced estrogen levels.

*The gentle pH 3.8 formula supports the micro-flora balance of the intimate area, and therefore helps to protect against harmful micro-organisms.
*Helps to protect against infections.
*Dermatologically / gynecologically / clinically tested.


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