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Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment, 30 g


  • Bayer Bepanthen Diaper(Nappy) Care Ointment
  • Protects and cares from the causes of Diaper rash and gently helps to maintain healthy skin
  • Suitable to soothe and care for nipples, both during and after breastfeeding


Product description

Dual action every day protection and care of nappy rash. Bepanthen Ointment has a dual action benefit, helping you to do the best you can to protect against nappy rash and help promote the natural healing of your baby’s delicate skin. When applied at every nappy change Bepanthen forms a long lasting, breathable, barrier protect against the irritants that can cause nappy rash. Trials show that using Bepanthen at every nappy change leads to a healthier baby’s skin and a lower incidence of nappy rash. If your baby has nappy rash, Bepanthen gentle formulation quickly soothes the soreness and the active vitamin ingredients works to accelerate natural skin healing. Bepanthen is free from all colours, fragrance or preservatives and is clinically proven to be gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins, including that of premature babies. The dual action benefit, of protection and gentle skin recovery, also make it suitable to soothe and care for nipples, both during and after breastfeeding.


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