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Contempo Erotica Condoms


Ribbed: For extra stimulation. Erotica Ribbed condoms are designed to arouse intense sensation with rows of latex ribs for ultimate stimulation.

Erotica delivers on its promise of maximum pleasure for him and for her. Natural coloured, lubricated, pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. But no form of contraception can provide 100% protection.



Erotica Contempo Condoms are Erotically Ebony for added pleasure. Erotica adds spice to romance by providing the added dimension of visual excitement that will keep you and your partner coming back for more.

Contempo exhilarating ride, comfortable, stretchable latex and scientific engineered condom shapes offer the safe, ultrasensual experience you’ve been looking for.

Each Contempo brand condom is electronically tested to meet US safety and reliability standards. Erotically ribbed! Row after row of raised ribbing the full length! Vibrates with the promise of maximum pleasure Reach exhilarating new heights!


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