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Bazuka Gel


Suffering from problems such as verrucas, warts, calluses, and corns can be uncomfortable, unsightly, and embarrassing. However, if you want to take action to eliminate these problems as quickly as possible, Bazuka Gel could be the perfect product to use. This is an extra strength formula offering fast, effective relief.



Getting rid of embarrassing verrucas and warts isn’t always easy but you can speed up the process with the use of Bazuka Gel. This proven and effective gel is able to provide fast and efficient relief from these problems, enabling you to get back on track quickly and without fuss.
Bazuka Gel is a uniquely formulated product which dries on the affected areas to form a protective barrier that is water resistant. This means that the infection is less likely to spread and there is no need to mess around with plasters. This gel contains salicyclic acid to get rid of the skin tissue that is infection, which in turn helps to get rid of the virus.
Bazuka gels form a water seal barrier and do not need to be covered with a plaster. If you have warts on your face, genitals or if they itch or bleed then medical advice should be sought before use.


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